15 Dec

ToriOS has been added officially to DistroWatch

Hello world, we are back with great news.

On the 10th of December 2016, ToriOS has been added officially as an active GNU/Linux distribution to DistroWatch’s database.

After ToriOS has been released back in September, it was about time until the world starts to acknowledge the project. For us, it was a very good news. We have put so much efforts until we reached this level. So, it was kind of a reward for the hard work we have done for couple of years.

If truth to be told, no one can deny the fact that he or she wishes to see his or her project reaches to so many people around the world and even better, when many people start talking about it. It’s very easy  to think. It might be easy to convert an idea to a project. But to maintain and keep that project alive, that’s the hardest part, specially when there are so many challenges and difficulties.

Such great news will give us a great deal of motivation. Again, it’s not about the start, it’s about how long you can carry on and keep standing. How many times you fall then get up and keep moving. That what does matter at the end of the day. We shall continue and without your endless help and support, we can’t do it alone.

Thank you for everything, everyone!

Special thanks to DistroWatch‘s team for their kindness and support.

We appreciate if you could write a feedback to us on our social media channels, the ones listed on the top of our website. Write about your experience with ToriOS 1.0 so far and what do you expect from ToriOS in the future?

Thanks for reading 😀