ToriOS 1.0 Release Notes

  • ToriOS is a GNU/Linux Operating System built for very old computers (NON PAE) and for those who are interested and brave enough to build their own system the way they like from a fully working base with GUI and minimal installed packages by default.
  • For more information, please visit:

Technical Specifications

  • ToriOS 1.0 is based on the stable release of Debian 8 (Jessie) –
  • Supported until 2020 –
  • Has two different kernels: Non-PAE and PAE kernel.
  • 256 MB of RAM is the minimum to install ToriOS 1.0 but you will need more RAM if you wish to use the Internet.
  • Minimum CPU is Intel Celeron, ATOM, Pentium M or P4.
  • 4GB disk space is more than enough.
  • Either a CD/DVD drive or an USB port for the installer media.


  • Linux Kernel 3.16
  • JWM is the default Windows Manager.
  • JWM setting manager version 1.1 is the control panel of ToriOS.
  • PCManFM version 1.2.3 is the default File Manager.
  • Numix theme.
  • Terminal and Synaptic are both available to install whatever package you wish.
  • Common Tasks is a post-installation menu which will pop up on the first run (after installing ToriOS) to perform certain tasks.
  • Few packages installed by default to help users build their system the way they desire.

Known Issues

      • Plymouth is broken, you can see 3 dots but no logo.
      • Some packages will not be installed from the Common Tasks menu.
      • Clicking on the time and date will do nothing.
      • Some features from the setting manager might not work correctly.
      • ToriOS manual will not open.If you find more bugs, please report directly to us.

Download ToriOS 1.0

  • Please make sure to read the release notes before anything else, specially the known bugs and the workarounds if any.
  • Make sure to backup your important files. Don’t blame the OS for any fault if you failed to backup what you care about.