14 Jan

Happy 2nd Birthday ToriOS


ToriOS was a crazy idea I have introduced to Lubuntu community some years ago. I have not imagined I would celebrate now its 2nd birthday. A crazy idea that became a reality. BIG THANKS to each and everyone who made it real, possible and available.

We’ve been working very very very hard for 2 years now. The result will dazzle you as much as the philosophy of the project, that is breathing new life onto very old machines and give the user more control, more freedom and more fun whenever he/she needs to deal with his/her machine.

With great power comes great responsibilities. ToriOS is a powerful option you can’t ignore.

Again, thank you so much for everything and I am so proud of each and every single contribution and proud of what we have achieved so far. Who would have ever imagined this moment?

Happy 2nd Birthday, ToriOS!

Ali, the founder of ToriOS.