Before Joining ToriOS

ToriOS is a Community project (GNU/Linux and FOSS) all its members are working on voluntary basis. We do what we love and believe in. Everyone is more than welcome to join. ToriOS needs you. With your help, we can achieve more.

Who are we?

We’re a group of volunteers who enjoy and love what we do a lot. We’re from different countries and cities around the world. Thanks to the Internet we meet online to discuss, have fun, and build ToriOS.

Where can I contribute?

There are many areas where you can contribute and help ToriOS with. Choose whatever you like the most. ALL help and contributions are highly appreciated, needed and more than welcome.

  1. Development and Packaging
  2. Wiki and Documentations
  3. QA (Quality Assurance) and Testing
  4. Marketing
  5. Human Resources (Recruiting)
  6. Artwork
  7. Translations

How to Join?

1- Send a request to join ToriOS on Launchpad
2- Send an E-mail to ToriOS mailing list to introduce yourself
3- Choose any areas where you think you can contribute

Have any Questions?

Contact us