14 Jan

Debian Version

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are pleased to announce that now, we do have a Debian based ToriOS. For more information, please read below an email from our fearless and talented main developer:

Hi everyone,
I have a Debian based ToriOS.
So far almost everything is the same… of course it was a bit trickier
to create the base OS (and the live OS)
But… we can rebase easily on Debian now if we need.
I updated the ISOmaker Scripts, and think it should work fine. I have
not completely tested this out yet.  The screenshot is a VM that I will
be converting into the base OS tarball soon.
It is a bit too large at this point, but if we need a DVD sized image to
avoid legal issues I am ok with that, though I think honestly we can
trim things down quite a bit… as this was my first test to get things

Of course if the Ubuntu IP thing is worked out, we can rebuild the
precise version (aka ToriOS ‘1.0’)
If not we have another candidate inline for ToriOS 1.0.
Either way this goes, we can still move forward

With such great news and impressive achievement, let’s consider this as our gift for each and everyone who might be interested in ToriOS. It’s ToriOS 2nd birthday and while people usually give gifts, we’re trying to be different here and send YOU a nice gift, hope you like it 🙂