Before You Install

Please be sure to back up your personal files (Music, Pictures, Videos, Documents, etc..)
There are many automated tools for doing this on all different Operating Systems (Windows, Mac OS, GNU/Linux), though you could very simply copy your files to an external Hard Drive, a USB Flash, DVD, or other storage device.
It is a good practice to make a backup of your important files on a regular basis.

Boot from the CD/DVD/USB

You must first change your computer’s BIOS setting to allow booting from a CD/DVD/USB
More information on how to do this can be found HERE.

Live CD

You may wish to try out ToriOS for a bit, before you install it to your computer’s Hard drive.
This is a good way to test your computer’s compatibility, with ToriOS, and notice any initial issues you might have, such as
wireless, or graphics issues. These issues are usually very simple to solve, and only require you to install a few additional drivers.


32-bit NON PAE Based on Jessie (Debian 8)

Please note: ToriOS 1.0 has 2 kernels: NON-PAE and PAE.