Before You Install

Make sure to back up your personal files (Music, Pictures, Videos, Documents, etc..). Better safe than sorry.

Boot from the CD/DVD/USB

First thing first, change your computer’s BIOS setting to allow booting from a CD/DVD/USB. More information on how to do this can be found HERE.


It’s good idea to try ToriOS before installing it on your Hard Drive. This is a good way to check your computer’s compatibility, such as: wireless, or graphics issues. These issues are usually very simple to solve, and only require you to install a few additional drivers.


ToriOS 1.5 – 32bit NON PAE Based on Jessie (Debian 8)

ToriOS 1.0 – 32bit NON PAE Based on Jessie (Debian 8)

Please note: ToriOS has 2 kernels: NON-PAE and PAE.