For those who are interested and have passion for playing with rolling releases or unstable releases, on this page, you will find what you are looking for.

Play it safe

You may want to do that on a virtual machine instead of real hardware.
You are free to use whatever virtual machine you like and prefer. We use Oracle Virtual Box. But really, it is totally up to you to choose whatever you want.

ToriOS Unstable

32-bit NON PAE (Based on Ubuntu)

DAILY ISO (32bit) is hosted here
DAILY ISO (32bit) zsync file
Daily ISO (32bit) md5sum

32-bit NON PAE (Based on Debian)

DAILY ISO (32bit) is hosted here
DAILY ISO (32bit) zsync file
Daily ISO (32bit) md5sum


To zsync the daily ISO please run
zsync http://phillw.net/isos/torios/ToriOS-daily.iso.zsync
from your terminal if you have zsync installed

ISO Directory

Our list of past ISO files is hosted here


You should backup all your personal files, and your OS if you choose to install this. As well as update your system immediately after installing.
There is an option to install ALONGSIDE the current OS, be sure to choose this and partition things accordingly
ToriOS contains tools to backup your disk such as mktbl
please ask us if you want help doing this

This should fit on regular CDs, but will also install on USB and other media


Joe’s Window Manager(JWM) Settings Manager

This is currently in development
JWM Settings Manager provides a user friendly way to configure and customize JWM for the average user.
You can learn more here

One Button Installer (OBI)

The disk image installer for computers with Low RAM
You can learn more here

We use One Button Installer to install the OS.
It should run on 128MB ram for the Live version. It currently uses around 60-90MB Ram while idling, some testing has shown even less.