25 Mar

Better Late than Never – 1.5 is here!

Better late than never. We would like to apologise for the late update of our website. It’s not that we were lazy but deeply busy with real life.

ToriOS 1.5 is here and the project is alive and doing well.

Everyone is highly encouraged and advised to join our mailing list on Launchpad. This is the best way to remain in the loop.

Special thanks to each and everyone who is involved in making ToriOS the best option for old machines.

If you have used ToriOS or about to, please don’t forget to write a review on DistroWatch.com to show your support.

You can also show your support by spreading the word of ToriOS both in real life and on Social Media (Twitter and Facebook).

Once more, thank you for choosing and using ToriOS!

15 Dec

ToriOS has been added officially to DistroWatch

Hello world, we are back with great news.

On the 10th of December 2016, ToriOS has been added officially as an active GNU/Linux distribution to DistroWatch’s database.

After ToriOS has been released back in September, it was about time until the world starts to acknowledge the project. For us, it was a very good news. We have put so much efforts until we reached this level. So, it was kind of a reward for the hard work we have done for couple of years.

If truth to be told, no one can deny the fact that he or she wishes to see his or her project reaches to so many people around the world and even better, when many people start talking about it. It’s very easy  to think. It might be easy to convert an idea to a project. But to maintain and keep that project alive, that’s the hardest part, specially when there are so many challenges and difficulties.

Such great news will give us a great deal of motivation. Again, it’s not about the start, it’s about how long you can carry on and keep standing. How many times you fall then get up and keep moving. That what does matter at the end of the day. We shall continue and without your endless help and support, we can’t do it alone.

Thank you for everything, everyone!

Special thanks to DistroWatch‘s team for their kindness and support.

We appreciate if you could write a feedback to us on our social media channels, the ones listed on the top of our website. Write about your experience with ToriOS 1.0 so far and what do you expect from ToriOS in the future?

Thanks for reading 😀

06 Sep

ToriOS 1.0 has been released

“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.” – David Frost

After 3 years of hard work, ToriOS Family (team) is very excited, happy and proud to announce the official stable release of ToriOS 1.0 which is available to download and ready to breathe new life into your old machine or fly away with those who prefer to build their system they way they desire.

Please note you are required to read the Release Notes before anything else.


This is a very special moment for everyone who have invested his/her time into our project. For some years, we have put tears, blood and sweat and finally, we have done it. You have no idea what kind of challenges we have been through and the good news is, we managed to win all these challenges.

I’d like to thank each and everyone who had contributed, participated, helped, supported and believed in us. This is an open invitation for the entire world to join us and have fun making ToriOS even better. We are not yet done, we have just started.

We are ready to help whenever needed so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Once more, thank you so much everyone … I’m extremely happy 😀

On behalf of ToriOS Family, the best family and the best team in the world

Ali Jawad, the founder and project lead.

28 Aug

ToriOS RC has been released

After more than two (2) years of very hard work, we have put sweat, tears and blood into this, we are pleased to announce that ToriOS RC (Release Candidate) has been released.

Please visit our Download Page to give ToriOS the final test.

We are also glad to announce that ToriOS 1.0 will be released on the 6th of September 2016.

Please be informed that ToriOS daily builds have been put on HOLD. No further development on ToriOS until we release 1.0 which should be very soon, hopefully.

We are very excited and can not wait.

Please report any issue directly to us via our Contacts page.

Thank you for your patience and support. We highly appreciate that.

On behalf of ToriOS Family
Ali, the founder of ToriOS project

31 Jan

A feedback from a happy user

Hi everyone,

Yet again, ToriOS managed to draw smiles on users’ faces and this time, we have a very happy user and here is his feedback:



Life is too short, my friends. That is why, we have decided to share our love, time and ideas with everyone around the world. We have dedicated ourselves to carry on with this mission and we just love it.

Thank you Douglas Duffy for your feedback, we highly appreciate that 😀

Have you used ToriOS or not yet? if you haven’t tried it yet, please give it a go and let us know what do you think 🙂

Many thanks!

14 Jan

Debian Version

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are pleased to announce that now, we do have a Debian based ToriOS. For more information, please read below an email from our fearless and talented main developer:

Hi everyone,
I have a Debian based ToriOS.
So far almost everything is the same… of course it was a bit trickier
to create the base OS (and the live OS)
But… we can rebase easily on Debian now if we need.
I updated the ISOmaker Scripts, and think it should work fine. I have
not completely tested this out yet.  The screenshot is a VM that I will
be converting into the base OS tarball soon.
It is a bit too large at this point, but if we need a DVD sized image to
avoid legal issues I am ok with that, though I think honestly we can
trim things down quite a bit… as this was my first test to get things

Of course if the Ubuntu IP thing is worked out, we can rebuild the
precise version (aka ToriOS ‘1.0’)
If not we have another candidate inline for ToriOS 1.0.
Either way this goes, we can still move forward

With such great news and impressive achievement, let’s consider this as our gift for each and everyone who might be interested in ToriOS. It’s ToriOS 2nd birthday and while people usually give gifts, we’re trying to be different here and send YOU a nice gift, hope you like it 🙂

14 Jan

New Website and Social Media Channels


It’s a new year and because of some technical issues we had with our previous websites, we have decided to get a new domain (torios.top). I have decided to create new social media channels and start from scratch when it comes to social media. New year, new beginning, and it is ToriOS 2nd Birthday so it is good idea to start new channels on the same day, that is 14-Jan-2016.

ToriOS official social media channels are:

Google+: https://plus.google.com/113578220061772446187/posts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToriOS_Official

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ToriOS.Official

Please, don’t forget to follow the NEW channels.

Many thanks!


torios.org and torios.net are no longer valid nor being used.

14 Jan

Happy 2nd Birthday ToriOS


ToriOS was a crazy idea I have introduced to Lubuntu community some years ago. I have not imagined I would celebrate now its 2nd birthday. A crazy idea that became a reality. BIG THANKS to each and everyone who made it real, possible and available.

We’ve been working very very very hard for 2 years now. The result will dazzle you as much as the philosophy of the project, that is breathing new life onto very old machines and give the user more control, more freedom and more fun whenever he/she needs to deal with his/her machine.

With great power comes great responsibilities. ToriOS is a powerful option you can’t ignore.

Again, thank you so much for everything and I am so proud of each and every single contribution and proud of what we have achieved so far. Who would have ever imagined this moment?

Happy 2nd Birthday, ToriOS!

Ali, the founder of ToriOS.

08 Jan



Sorry but we are working to build our new website. We got a new domain and a new web hosting server. We hope to get back to action very soon 🙂

The founder of ToriOS